Vaginal Discharge & Pyometra


Vaginal Discharge & Pyometra

Vaginal Discharge & Pyometra:  Vaginal discharge is not actually a condition in itself, but rather the indication that something is wrong with either the reproductive tract or the urinary tract.  There are many possible causes for this problem:

Uterine Problems:

* Uterine infection called pyometra – in bitches who have not been spayed.
(this is more likely to happen with older or middle-aged bitches)  Bitches who have been spayed can also suffer from what is known as “Stump pyometra”, where there is infection of the remaining stump of the uterus.

* Abortion, miscarriage or birth of puppies

* Endometritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus)

* Uterine cancer (rare)


Ovarian Problems:

* Ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer (both of which are rare)

Vaginal Problems:

* Infantile vulva (where the vulva is not protruding as far as would be considered normal, and the skin around it becomes sore with dermatitis – especially if the bitch is over-weight)

* Juvenile Vaginitis (seen in sexually immature bitches, before their first season).  This problem usually disappears by itself as the bitch matures.

* Injury resulting from mating – an excessive yelp or cry during the mating may be heard

* Infection following mating

* Vaginal prolapse

* Vaginal cysts and tumours


General Causes:

* Normal secretion due to hormonal cycle in an unspayed bitch

* Hormonal cycle in a spayed bitch who has any fragment of ovarian tissue remaining.


You may be able to get an indication of the cause for the vaginal discharge from the symptoms you see associated with it:

Inflammation of the vagina
Change in shape, distortion or swelling of the vulva
Pink tissue protruding from the vagina
“Scooting” the rear end along the ground to scratch the irritation
Frequent licking of the area (if so, fit a Buster collar to avoid further irritation)
Cloudy discharge coming from the vulva
Yellowish or yellowy-red persistant vaginal discharge

If you are concerned about any of the above symptoms, you should see your vet.  Be aware that he is likely to ask you the following questions so remember to check out dates etc before you go:-

What did the discharge look like? (cloudy, red, yellow etc)
How long has the discharge been present?
Has she been mated recently and if so, when?
Has she been spayed and if so, when?
If she has not been spayed, when was her last season?
Is the dog well in herself or has there been lethargy, increased thirst, vomiting, weight loss?


Pyometra literally means pus in the uterus.  It is a common and very serious disease of unspayed bitches and can occur several weeks after a season.  This condition often causes vaginal discharge which may be yellowish or red/brown in colour, although occasionally the bitch may be suffering from what is known as “closed pyometra” where the cervix is tightly closed and does not allow any drainage of pus to the extrerior)

Warning signs of pyometra to look out for are

Older unspayed bitch
Recent season
Drinking and urinating more than usual
Possibly a vaginal discharge
Abdominal swelling
Poor appetite
Occasional Vomiting

If your bitch has any vaginal discharge, it is always wise to have it checked out properly by a vet as leaving it could result in rupture of the uterus and life-threatening peritonitis and/or septicaemia if it proves to be a serious cause.


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    I have a girl rottiwiler she is age of 7 years old she has not been spayed.she is losing white discharge from her Virginia. She’s still drinking like she normally do and same with the toilet. She’s eating ok . She’s not licking around there .nor being sick.she still run around in the garden like normal. So what can be wrong with her

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      It could be as simple as normal hormonal changes depending where she is in her cycle or could be signs of an infection. If this is a new thing that hasn’t hsppened before, I would take her to see the vet because if it is an infection, she may well need antibiotics.

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      Hi i have a bitch great dane lab mix. I noticed today she was drinking more water not big on het appitate she has a reddish discharge and dose have an oder to it she is about seven years old and she has not been spayed and she keeps licking it. Tonight is saturday and i cant get her to the vet untill monday. She dose not seem to be in any pain her temp is 101.8° will she be okay till then ( monday ) ?

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        Hi Lizzy, the problem is there is no telling how quickly she could become poorly and if she does, then she may be very poorly indeed. If she is drinking more than normal and has an odour to her discharge and is licking it, she is obviously not feeling very well in herself even if she doesn’t as yet have a temperature. For me personally, I would ring the vet with the information you’ve given me and let them decide whether they feel this is something that can wait or not. It might be that they are happy for you just to continue watching her and taking her temperature and then have her seen first thing Monday morning but at 7 years old and not spayed, if she were my girl I’d want her starting on a course of antibiotics asap. As I say, best advice is phone the vet to put your mind at rest. 24 hours is a LONG time when you are feeling ill xx

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    My dog was spayed when she was about two years of age. Recently, she has been bleeding, but not like a dog would be bleeding while in heat. From what I’ve seen she is still acting normal. What could the bleeding be from?

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      It would depend where the blood was coming from. If its from her vagina it could be from the vagina itself if she has an injury or infection, or the cervix if they have left part of it behind when she was spayed or if it is from her urethra, she could have a bladder infection or any number of things. Honestly, if your dog is bleeding you MUST see a vet with her as a matter of urgency. If she were mine, Id have here there straight away to be checked over. You CANNOT leave bleeding without seeing a professional. I hope she is OK very soon

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    my bitch is 7 years old and not been spayed.In the past few weeks she has been urinating on the living room floor every night.She is drinking a lot of water and her appetite is not as it used to be.There is a beige snotty discharge coming from her Virgina.Are these the symptoms of pyometra ?. any advice would be appreciated thank you.

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      They certainly could be and if she does have an infection, then she needs to be seen and treated by a vet TODAY. This is not something that can be left and if her appetite is being affected, then she is already in quite a bit of discomfort I would say. She may have a urinary infection, again, very painful indeed. Please take your dog to the vet for a professional opinion straight away. Good luck with her and best wishes.

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      I mentioned the possibility of a urinary infection – have a read of this one too Billy Reay but please do seek professional help with your bitch

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    I just wanted to thank this site for probably saving my dogs life, she is five and a half and has had lots of seasons and always been healthy, we did not spay her before because we wanted puppies but in the end decided against it due to cost and the risks involved.
    The local vet recommended we spay her esrlier this yesr but I was reluctant as didnt want to take her in for the op. anyway I had noticed a bit of white discharge occasionally and had not thought much about it but then the whole family noticed she was not herself and stopped eating her treats especially her favourite pigs ears so much so my 13 year old son thought she might have hurt her tooth. On Thursday I took her for a long walk up a hill on a hot day but we had plenty of stops water some food and a swim in a pond and we were both shattered at the end but enjoyed it. Later I noticed what seemed like a lot of discharge no particular colour ( some in the car ) so i started searching discharge from vulva onthe internet and came across this site and read some ok and also some worrying stuff then over night she spent every ten minutes licking herself so I was very worried and on checking the covers there was lots of yellow looking dried discharge – i was worried but hadvto gonto work as i work part time and when I asked my mum tO make an appointment at the vets – I told her the symptoms some of which were from our list but could have also been because we had been on a long walk – drinking more water, urinating more, a bit lethargic – the receptionist/nurse advised my mum That i needed to take her in immediately rather than after work and my understanding boss let me – I took her in and after examination her temp was ok but on explaining the symptoms and seeing there was a lot of discharge and she was much quieter than normal the vet scanned her and she could see it was pyrometra and she kept her in to have an op straightaway – this all happened yesterday and luckily she is well on her way to recovery and was back with us but we are looking after her so well even sleeping downstairs so she doesn’t have to go up stairs, sorry this is so long but fit helps one reader – like the posts I’ve read – then that will be good. The vet said it was unusual in such a young dog but it does happen and luckily we took her in straightaway although I’m not sure how long she had it for. She is lighter minus a few bits and we are lighter in pocket with no insurance but she’s with worth every penny. Thanks to this website and an excellent boss we got it sorted in time. Thank you

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      Thank you for getting in touch Susie. Im absolutely delighted that our page was able to give you some help and advice that led you to make the right decision. You took her in to see a professional and gave her the life saving treatment she needed. Yes, its not cheap but as you say, she is worth every penny to you and that’s because you are obviously a wonderful owner. Im sure she will now make a full recovery and be back to her normal self very soon indeed. I will share your message across our Rhodes 2 Safety Facebook page too so that other people might learn from your experience – thank you so much for thinking of other people!

      Take care and well done. On behalf of your beautiful girl, thank you for being so fantastic xx

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    Hey there ! My bitch is 4 years old and not been spayed. There is a swelling near mammary glands and as per the advice of the vet, we were using some medicines and he told us that there might be a chance of cancer but in the past few days there is frequent white discharge from vagina which is smelly.So we stopped using those medicines even though the discharge has not stopped.He said that he’ll do surgery and remove that swollen lump and will diagnose it to check whether it is cancerous or not. So, is it safe for the dog to undergo for surgery to remove that lump or use some medicines to cure that one ??

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      Have you mentioned the discharge to your vet? The fact that you say the discharge is smelly and white (I’m guessing a bit cloudy) would suggest an infection of some sort or another and I would certainly want my dog treated as soon as possible before it turns nasty as, with unsprayed bitches, it can lead to a very nasty condition called pyometra. Depending on how serious it is, the vet may even decide to spay the dog as a result of the infection in which case, he may or may not deal with the mammary lump at the same time – obviously, this will all need to be assessed as to severity and which if either condition poses the most danger to her health. My first course of action would be to telephone the vet immediately for an appointment today to discuss all the above and have a swab taken from her vaginal discharge. He may simply decide to treat her with a course of antibiotics first and then proceed to surgery. It is important that your vet is in possession of all the facts and knows exactly what is going on with her before he preparing to operate, just in case this alters his professional opinion.

      Good luck with her recovery x

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    Thanks for your reply Sir, The surgery is on 10-07-2015 so if we remove that mammary lump now will there be any problems in future related to Pyometra disease and the vaginal discharge has been reduced a little when compared to before and there are no signs of abdomen swelling and lethargy (no frequent licking) but is drinking a lot of water. If we do the surgery now without knowing that it may have signs of Pyometra disease will it lead to any serious problem ???

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    I have a 5 year old blue nose pit, and she has a reddish brown discharge she has no appatitte, drinking a lot of water and pees a lot more than usual.I can’t afford to go to a vet, what can I do for her, she’s my baby.

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      I know you say you cannot afford to go to the vet but you really must get her some antibiotics at the very least. It sounds as if she has an infection which will be, at best very uncomfortable, at worst could progress and be fatal. I really wouldn’t waste any time in getting her seen professionally for some meds. Im sorry I can’t give you a better option but she really does need to see a vet hunni

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    Hi my dog is 1yrs 6 months old, I mated her 8-9days ago and she has creamy colored discharge from her volva, is there anything help or anything I can do to get it stopped?

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      I would imagine she has picked up an infection from the dog during mating – its very common – she will likely need a course of antibiotics to clear it up Please don’t leave it as it could have a bad effect on the puppies never mind the bitch herself. Good luck

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    My dog is 2 years old,she was in season about a month ago and my other dog ended up mating with her without us being able to stop them,a month on she is acting differently not eating or drinking properly and has whitey/yellow discharge from her vagina,her abdominal is quite hard,is she pregnant

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      It is possible that she is pregnant as she would now be half way through her gestation so you would be able to start to see differences appearing in her shape. You would only know for sure if you had her scanned by the vet. If she has a discharge from her vagina, she has likely picked up an infection from the dog when she mated and she would really need antibiotics for that condition so either way, I would strongly recommend an appointment with your vet ASAP

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    Hi there,
    I have an unspayed bitch who is 3 years.. She came out of her season about 5 days ago- today I have just notice some opaque yellowish discharge coming out of her vulva. Would say this is more a infection or normal? Could this also may be a sign of pregnancy?

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      Have you any reason to assume she may have been mated? If you do think she may have been caught, then rather than a sign of pregnancy I would suggest that it is likely to be an infection that she has picked up from the male. If she hasn’t been caught, then she has probably picked up an infection while squatting close to the ground for a pee. Either way, it is important to get her to the vet to have a swab taken so they know what antibiotics to give her. Please do not just leave her and do nothing as this can quickly travel up her reproductive tract and be very dangerous indeed if it does. Hope she is well very soon.

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    Hi I have an 8 year old English bull terrier. She had a litter of pups 5 years ago with no concerns. She has always been healthy. 2 weeks ago she ended her season, but she has had a bit of cloudy discharge. We have 2 other dogs and they have been licking her back end. She has not been off her food or water and no other concerns. Is this just a change in her older hormone.? The discharge is quite watery. There is no way she has mated over her season. Thankyou claire.

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      Without a swab of the discharge, it would be hard to pinpoint whether there is any infection going on but as discharge in an older bitch can be a sign of problems, if she were mine I wouldn’t take any chances and would have her seen in the vets clinic. If you have a thermometer (which I’m guessing you do if she’s had a litter) I would check her temperature to give you an idea if anything suspicious is going on as will checking her gum colour, heart and breathing rate. If any are up, have her seen ASAP – if it is very high, then have her seen as an emergency. If all seems OK, then a simple ordinary clinic appointment would suffice. Hope she is feeling much better very soon.

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    Hi my dog a 12 year old bitch mongrel has been sick over weekend licking down below often & always pulls her backside along the floor but now concerned about thick like creamy discharge yellowish coming out she’s not been spayed am taking her to vet also thanks

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      Hi, if she is licking and itching herself along the floor, then she could well have an infection and so an appointment with your vet on Monday would be the best thing. She will likely require antibiotics to treat it. If it is left, the infection can travel high up the reproductive tract and cause all sorts of serious problems so better to get her treated ASAP. x

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    I have a female labrador retriever she is 3 and half years old she has not been spayed.she is losing white discharge from her vigina. She’s not drinking like she normally does but going to the toilet is same as usual. Her apetite has increased . She’s not licking around there .nor being sick.she still run around in the garden like normal. So what can be wrong with her!

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      have you checked her temperature? Often a high temperature can be the first indication that something is wrong.
      have you checked her heart rate and gum colour to see that they are normal?
      If she has any kind of discharge that is not normal for her and is not drinking normally, then clearly something is wrong. I would suggest a visit to the vet straight away for a check up and perhaps a swab. If she has an infection, then she will need treatment before it becomes nasty.

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    i have a pomeranian dog and she 3 years old. nor spraye. first heat last july 5 and mated last july 14, 16 and 17. she having a white dischraged seen july19 until today july 23 . she doesn’t eat and only drink water. i often forced her to eat after since jhuly 19. we visit the vet today july 23 and they told me that they cannot give antibiotic because we are not sure if she is pregnant she only give me vitamins and hydrate powder. so what is wrong to her. i hope you could help me. tahnks in advaced.

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    sorry for the typographical error. hope you could help me…. thanks thanks thanks

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      Sometimes they pick up infections of the male dog during mating so that could well be what has happened here. It is quite common. I would keep your eye on her and as soon as you know for sure if she is or is not pregnant, your vet can treat her as appropriate. Good luck with the litter

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    thanks for the answer but is she having a miscarriaged?

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    Hi! I am very concerned about my daughter’s 3 month old female puppy”Cali” She had a milky white/yellowish discharge coming from the area she pees from. I noticed it when I was rubbing her belly. She also has been licking down there a lot.
    She seems to pee a lot but she has always pee’d quite a bit…but now she pees more frequently it seems and sometimes she pees when she doesn’t mean to. She looks “sad” she feels warm but idk how to check for fever. I can’t tell if it has an odor coming from the discharge itself but there is an odor coming from Cali but I thought it was from her leg. (which is wrapped up due to accident and she has metal plate and screws and stuff in her leg. She just had that surgery a week ago.) I’m very concerned and worried about her. She had been with my daughter the last few days and when she came back she looked thinner and my daughter said she hasn’t been eating well…although she ate very well here.
    I’m worried this may be more than discharge especially since she just had that accident and had surgery for a broke leg.
    Can you please help me!?! Its Sunday…should I take her to emergency room today or do you think it’s something that can wait until vet opens monday morning?
    Cali is a mix pit bull and blue healer. We love her so much! Thank you in advance for your help and kind words of wisdom!

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      HI, Poor love must be in a lot of discomfort. I would say she has a urinary tract infection which as you may know yourself can be extremely uncomfortable and painful and would certainly make her look sad. As she is such a young baby, time really is important. She will need a course of antibiotics I would guess so I would recommend an appointment with your vet TODAY. Please don’t leave her any longer. The infection can travel up the urethra and in to the kidneys if left which is obviously very dangerous. A simple water infection can be cleared up quickly and easily so just pop her to see the vet as soon as you can.

      I hope she is more comfortable very soon.

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    My staffie is 10 months and is about 4 weeks out of heat.
    We have just moved house so she was with my mum for 2 days however the past 2 days I have noticed a slight white discharge. She isn’t weeing often, eating and drinking as normal. Her nipples are a little enlarged but she did not couple.

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      It doesn’t sound as if she has an infection but, due to the timing and the enlarged nipples, it would suggest that she is possibly starting on a phantom pregnancy. Ill attach a couple of links for you … one about bitches and their seasons so you know how things should go normally and one about phantom pregnancies so you know what to expect with one of those. If you think the picture is beginning to fit for a phantom and her symptoms are getting worse, you may wish to speak to your vet about things to help her through it. Phantoms are very common and in many cases the only option to avoid this happening with each season is to have the bitch spayed. Good luck and I hope she continues to be a happy puppy.

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    My six year old Great Pyrenees bitch is pregnant – confirmed by ultrasound. She is at day 31. She has a milky discharge today. No odour. Is this normal?

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      Every dog is different but generally the cervix should be tightly closed to keep the pups in and any infection or bacteria out. If it were my girl, Id have her checked by the vet to make sure she hasn’t picked something up. best wishes and good look with the babies

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    Hi My 5 yr old was spayed in April last year, since then she has had a pink tinged discharge (marks left on her bed) I told the vet about this a month after the spay op and he said it was nothing to worry about but she still has it now 9 moths later surley this isn’t normal?

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      Hi Kay,

      Firstly, is she well in herself? Is she panting, pacing or not passing urine normally? Is she eating and drinking the same as she usually does? Is she licking at her vaginal area and is there any smell you can notice, sometimes sort of fishy and unpleasant? Any of these things could indicate an infection. However, generally, any sign of infection would be yellow or green. This doesn’t sound like that to me. That said, if she is losing a pink stained discharge so long after surgery, that doesn’t really sound right either, dependant of course on how “pink” is pink! Does she lose the pink discharge all the time or is it just every now and then?

      If she were mine, and provided she is well in herself, I would simply ring up and ask to speak to the vet when he has a moment rather than heading in for an urgent appointment. If you don’t have the option to speak to him on the phone, then I would make a routine appointment to see him with your girl, and take in the bedding with the stain on it so the vet can see it for himself and make an informed decision.

      Best wishes and I hope you and she continue to be happy together x

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    Hi I have a 3 year old English bulldog she is coming to end of her season she hasn’t been mated but I’ve noticed a creamy yellowish discharge not a lot she is eating drinking weeing ok her usual self really it doesn’t smell do you think it could be an infection I haven’t had her long and was intending to get her done but vet said to wait for a season so we could work out best time

    • Reply

      Hi Sharon. If the discharge is different from normal then a visit to the vet is sensible. Usually, if there is infection you will see a greenish tinge, a smell, and licking from the bitch. It could just be the tail end of the season and therefore normal for her but as you haven’t had her long, you can’t say for sure. Do you have a thermometer? You could take her temperature and if this is high then you know for sure there is a problem. My advice as she is fairly new for you is to have her seen by a vet just to put your mind at rest – they are more likely to pick up infection during their season as when they squat to pee, they are very close to the ground and bacteria and as the cervix is slightly open, its an easy route for the germs to get in.

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    Hi, i need some advice i have a 7 year old staffy and today i noticed cloudy light brown discharge coming from her lady bits and is slightly bloated she was on heat about 3 weeks ago i think she has had a phantom pregnancy as no male got to her but she started producing milk and leaking but that has stopped. She is still doing all her normal things
    What can i do as money is very tight atm. Thankyou

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      To add she is not spayed

    • Reply

      If she is bloated and has a discharge then as much as money is tight, she really does need to be seen by a vet. If she has an infection this can become incredibly serious indeed and very quickly too. If she were mine I would want her seen by the vet as soon as they have an appointment available. You can, of course, ring and ask to speak to a vet and explain as you have above. If they appreciate your predicament financially, they MAY be willing to give you some advice over the phone in the interim. xx

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    Hi. I have a 10year old chocolate lab. Not spayed and came into season last month. Has been off her food this last week since we went away for a few days so gave her meat which she is happy to eat. This morning however I could smell something really funny. (Reminded me of ovaltine). On inspection and few browny patches on the carpet and her dog bed was sodden and her coat. Her urination is of normal colour but just wondering about this discharge. It has slowed in my opinion and I have given her a wash down and inspection I can’t see any redness or fluid and flannel was clean ?? Any advice

    • Reply

      Depends where the discharge is coming from. It could be a urinary infection, particularly if she has been wet which happens a lot with a UTI. It could be a uterine infection, particularly if it smells yeasty as you describe if it is coming from her vaginal opening. It could be her anal glands – but this is usually described more as a fishy smell than yeasty.

      In any case, all of these problems are very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for your dog and for which she needs to see the vet. If it is anal glands, they will need to be expressed and emptied. If it is either of the other two scenarios then she will need antibiotics poor love.

      I would ring the vet TODAY and ask for their first available appointment. Hope she is feeling better very soon.

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    Hi Kerry thanks for your reply. Sadly we lost her yesterday. Very difficult decision we made. Her uterus was full of puss (pyometra) and it was that that was draining.

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    We have a Bernese Mountain dog, female, not spayed. Since her second season in Feb we have had no end of problems with her which is stumping us all. It started with her chewing her back paw. We took her to the vet and he emptied her anal glands. Then we noticed a sort of wobbling on the back end, not really scooting, where she got so frustrated and depressed trying to lick at the vaginal area. We took her to the vets again and they checked the anal glands which were fine and gave Apoquel for allergies. We then had a 2 week course of antibiotics as the urine sample we got showed blood in it. Every time we stop the Apoquel she starts this odd wobbling again. Nearing the end of the antibiotics we did further urine tests which came back clear and no cultures were grown in the lab. However last week we noticed brownish discharge, she is constantly licking herself but seems fine in herself. She’s eating fine, drinking normal and seems bright and energetic. She’s had a further 5 days of antibiotics to no avail. There’s something not right though and our vets are stumped. We don’t think pyometra at this stage but are not sure where else to go. We are waiting on the vet to speak to a soft tissue expert in the veterinary world to see if they can suggest where to go from there. Can anyone suggest anything here? Thank you!

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      Oh my word what a predicament! There is nothing worse than knowing something is wrong … but not knowing exactly what it is. The problem with doing tests during a course of antibiotics is that it can mask the results and give a false positive – we had a similar issue with our youngest boy who I was convinced had a urine infection. Tested, positive so gave antibiotics. Tested again and came back clear and yet he was still ill … once the antibiotics had finished we tested again a week later and sure enough he did still have the infection. I wonder if there is any possibility that this is what’s going on? That said, Im quite sure that your vet knows what they are doing and would have thought of something so very obvious and straight-forward. Im very sorry that nothing jumps instantly to mind that can throw any light on it for you. I wish you and your girl all the very best for getting to the bottom of it.

      All our love R2S

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    I have a min pin who is due to deliver her puppys in 12 days I took her to vet for a wellness check and he noticed some clear discharge so he ran blood work tests and x rays he said her white blood cells were higher than they should be said she needs surgery tomorrow to take her uterus and her puppys I feel like I need a second opinion but don’t have time could there a way for a false positive?

    • Reply

      I wouldn’t have thought so. The blood work they do is very clear in the results and would show if the white cell count was up. I would ask WHY she needs to have her uterus removed.

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    hello , my bitch is a jackrussell/boston terrier mix she is about 6 years old she recently got a rash alongside her stomach to her vulva , and her nipples start oozing as if you just popped a pimple she’s still eating pooping and peeing regularly i can’t get an appointment with my vet for two weeks and i know it kinda bothers her because of the fact she keeps trying to lick it. does this sound like pyometra?

    • Reply

      Hi there,

      no, this doesn’t really sound like pyometra. If she hasn’t been spayed, then it likely could be that her nipples are producing milk which, so long as she isn’t showing any signs of pregnancy at all, could mean that she is having a phantom pregnancy. Is the fluid coming from her nipples just white or does it have a green tinge to it? Are her nipples swollen or hot? Is she acting differently at all? I would check for these things and if so, then I would phone your vet back to tell her what you have found as she may need antibiotics if it is mastitis. If it is a phantom pregnancy, you can get something to stop her producing milk if it is bothering her.

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    I have a almost 8 yr old German Pinscher bitch who’s unspayed, I don’t recall her last season, but I brought her home from the care of family, and noticed that she was licking herself and her vagina is swollen and when she pees​ it’s cloudy and a strong stream, it leaks everywhere and I’ve had to wrap her hind end in a towel since she sleeps with me and I don’t have a kennel, her discharge is cloudy white with a hint of yellow to it.

    • Reply

      Hi Danielle,

      It sounds like your girl could well have a urinary infection. This can often result in incontinence like this. It would be advisable to try to get a urine sample from her in a clean container and take her to the vet for it to be tested. Its best to take a sample from half way through her stream of pee (the very first part of the pee will be very strong so try if you can to get the middle section). Check out our blog on how to do this –

      She will likely need a course of antibiotics as urine infections can be really very painful and if left, the bacteria can travel up the urethra and cause problems with kidneys too so you wouldn’t want to leave it. Id ring the vet today for an appointment tomorrow

      Best of luck with her – hope she picks up and feels better very soon.


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